Bedroom and Office

Decorate your bedroom and your office with stylish furnitures from our broad selection of solid oak desks, beds, headboards, dressers, armchairs and bedside tables! Give your room some character with furnitures from Robin des Bois.

  • Bed, Headbed and...

    Robin des Bois designs and creates antique style furnitures for your bedroom. Discover our collection of old style beds, but also some modern design. As well, we offer beautifully made wooden headboard upholstered in linen. Combine one of our vintage wooden bed (160cm) with a matching nightstand. Our beds are made from solid light color oak.

  • Dresser, Dressing table

    Robin des Bois designs beautifully shaped dressers and oak dressing tables. You will find dressers with antique patina of several colors. The old style of its beautiful dressers will please you.

  • Desk, Bookshelf

    Robin des Bois draws and conceptualises desks, chairs and bookshelves for you to decorate your room with style and taste. Made from oak or pine wood, our beautiful desks are finish with luxurious completion. Pair your desk with either a classic look chair or reignite with vibrant color chair!

  • Decoration

    To brighten charmingly your vintage room, discover our decorative objects! For the bedroom, the office or a vintage lounge, our cushions and other mirrors will please you. Your room deserves a unique style!