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  • The HUGUETTE Mirror
    31,93 € 115,93 € In Stock
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    31,93 € 115,93 €
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  • Miroir Amandine
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    A large gold-gilded wooden mirror which could be placed on the wall, floor or mantlepiece. This gorgeous mirror is the essential decorative accessory to create a luxurious feel in your home. The vintage appearance of this mirror has been created by being hand-finished by our experienced craftsmen. The structure is made from solid pine with MDF support.

    486,37 € 566,37 €
    EN STOCK !
  • The MANOSQUE Mirror
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    This beautifully shaped mirror surrounded in solid oak can be positioned above a chest of drawers or sideboard mounted to the wall or even leant up against a wall on the floor. The MANOSQUE mirror is an essential decoration for any home.  Colour: oak

    266,03 € 416,03 €
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  • The HELENE Mirror
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    This mirror can be placed on the wall or floor, horizontally or vertically - any way which suits your home! The HELENE mirror is an essential interior accessory to reflect light throughout your room. It has been made of solid pine, MDF and mirror. The gold surround has been hand-painted with an antique effect, keeping your visitors guessing when this...

    332,69 €
    EN STOCK !
  • Springfield Mirroir
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    This simple mirror surrounded in solid oak can be positioned horizontally or vertically or even in combination of multiples. It can be mounted to the wall or leant up against a wall on the floor.  Top Colour: burnished pine. Base Colour: ivory  

    249,36 €
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